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In 2023, Xavier Hersom officially became one of the first two transgender people in the state of West Virginia to change their gender marker on their birth certificate--a process that took 6 years and an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawsuit with the state.


He allowed his lawyers to publish his name in order to put a face on the issue. Many transgender West Virginians still face gatekeeping when updating their ID's to reflect who they are and nonbinary West Virginians currently do not have this option. Trans and nonbinary West Virginians who are unable to update their ID's risk experiencing social and legal discrimination. 

Learn more about current political issues LGBTQ+ West Virginians are facing at and please consider making a donation to the nonprofit organization! 

Xavier is passionate about fighting for the equality of all people. In addition to writing Transition, he co-authored the article                            





He was fortunate to participate in the historic Black Lives Matter peaceful protest that took place in Charles Town, West Virginia and the first ever Martinsburg, West Virginia pride festival in 2022! In addition to writing his poetry book Transition to spread awarness of the experence of transgender people, he also co-authored the article                      . He currently sits on the 


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