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Xavier Hersom
Xavier Hersom Art

Xavier Hersom is an international-award-winning American composer who addresses critical social issues through art. 

Xavier believes art enables people to see the world from another person's perspective, and that music can spread awareness of important social issues today. 

In 2022 Xavier composed "Chasing Dreams," which is dedicated to all students and educators who struggled with depression during COVID-19. This spring, Xavier completed his organ piece "St. Pauli Murray," titled after the first black woman to become an Episcopal priest (who was later canonized within the Episcopal Church). 

Though influenced by tonal music of the Romantic period, Xavier's compositions are inspired by current national issues. 

Xavier Hersom is the author of several books, including "Transition" which illustrates his real-life experience of coming out as a man (assigned-female-at-birth) and spiritually growing into the person he was always meant to be.

He was one of the first two transgender people from the state of West Virginia to change their gender marker on their birth certificate. The barriers he faced—which led to an ACLU lawsuit with the state—inspired him to devote his life to fighting for the equality of marginalized individuals.


Xavier is a current college student at Shepherd University majoring in music composition with a minor in women and gender studies. Upon graduation, he will write film music and attend law school to become a civil rights lawyer. 


Current Student

Shepherd University



International Youth Music Competitions (IYMC)

Atlanta, USA

Second Prize for "Chasing Dreams" (Open 27+ Division)


New Voices for Young Flutists

Honarable Mention for "Hope"


International Youth Music Competitions (IYMC)

Atlanta, USA

Artists of the Year Second Prize for "The Wedding"


International Youth Music Competitions (IYMC)  

Atlanta, USA

First Prize for "The Wedding"


The International Music Composition Competition by Creative Music Class

Atlanta, USA

Third Prize for "Hope"

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