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Sheet Music

painting vibrantly

using black and white keyboard

at your fingertips

swiftly brushing gorgeous notes

casting beautiful visions 

Chasing Dreams
For String Orchestra 

“Chasing Dreams” is a highly emotional piece for string orchestra about the journey of achieving one’s dream despite adversity. It is dedicated to all students and educators who experienced depression during the COVID-19 pandemic, yet still managed to chase their dreams and inspire others. “Chasing Dreams” is well suited for a collegiate concert or graduation ceremony. "Chasing Dreams" is a national and international-award-winning composition. 

Instrumentation: Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Double Bass
Duration: ca. 4’ 30”
Grade 4

Purchase the score and parts here. 

Listen to a YouTube recording here. 

Purchase "Chasing Dreams" on iTunes here. 

Chasing Dreams cover photo.jpg

The Wedding
For Piano Quartet 

“The Wedding” has four sections—A, B, C, A—illustrating different stages of a marriage. Section A, “Falling in Love,” starts with a simple solo piano, then develops into the rich harmonic texture of the full piano quartet—symbolizing the couple’s growing affection for one another. Section B, “The Bride Ascending the Aisle,” paints a picture of the bride gracefully proceeding up the aisle to join her partner and the nervous butterflies they feel once they are together—the viola and piano’s eighth notes imitate the flutter of butterfly wings. The scene shifts in section C to the wedding reception where the community joyfully joins in “The Wedding Dance.” Finally, the last section “The Old Couple Reminisces” is a recapitulation of section A “Falling in Love.” When section A is performed at the beginning of the piece, the harmony is slow to build (as love takes time to grow). Upon reflection of their life together, the couple has a richer picture of what love means. "The Wedding" is an international-award-winning composition. 

Instrumentation: violin, viola, cello, and piano.
Duration: ca. 2’ 30”
Grade 4

Purchase the score and parts here.

Listen to a YouTube recording here. 

Purchase "The Wedding" on iTunes here. 

The Wedding YouTube video cover picture.jpg

God is Love
Piano Solo

LGBTQIA+ individuals face judgement every day, but Jesus’s true message was one of love and acceptance. I composed “God is Love” during Pride Month as a message of healing to LGBTQIA+ Christians and those who see God outside of Christianity. This piano solo was originally written as a prelude or interlude for a Pride Sunday church service, but it can be performed for any occasion!
Duration: ca. 2’ 10.” 
Grade 4

Purchase the sheet music here. 

Listen to a YouTube recording here. 

Purchase "God is Love" on iTunes here. 

God is Love cover fixed.jpg

 Flute and Piano Duet

“Hope” was composed in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is a simple, yet beautiful duet for flute and piano. The evolving melody passing between the instruments represents life’s changing tides. There are periods that are graceful and pensive and others that are fleeting and exciting. The end of the piece is grave like looming depression, but it finally resolves in a bright cord—this symbolizes how even as we face difficult situations in life, there is always hope. This piece is an international-award-winning composition.

"Hope" is idiomatic and can be enjoyed by many performers.

Duration: ca. 2' 10."

Grade 3

Purchase the score and parts here. 

Listen to a YouTube recording here. 

Purchase "Hope" on iTunes here. 

Hope sheet music cover picture.jpg

 Lament for Solo Viola

The viola is an undervalued instrument that has the incredible ability to portray deep emotional music. I composed the lament “Unheard" for solo viola to address those whose culture, stories, history, and music remain unheard within society. This solo explores the diversity of tone and color capable of the viola. "Unheard" is an international-award-winning composition.

Duration: ca. 3’ 10”
Grades 4-5

Purchase the sheet music here. 

Listen to a YouTube recording here. 

Unheard cover picture.jpg
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